Over our 99-year history, Wyche has created and nurtured a culture that makes us a more effective law firm as well as a catalyst for positive transformation in the community. Through our culture initiatives we create and evolve programs and outlets that allow Wyche attorneys and staff to connect with each other, with their passions, with clients, and with the community to make a positive impact.

Our programs create, enrich, nurture and transform relationships in our environment. These programs include:

Women of Wyche

The Women of Wyche are relationship-driven and are committed to leveraging their talents and resources to benefit clients, colleagues, and the community. The group builds strong connections, nurtures talent, and makes Wyche a great place to work for women.

The Forum

The Forum represents a cross-section of attorneys and staff who find new ways to make Wyche a great place to work and promote Wyche’s unique culture.

Professional Development Training

We are committed to an environment that provides ongoing opportunities to improve as a lawyer. For members, this looks like expanding awareness about emerging topics that impact our industry, our community, and our world. For associates, we sponsor training programs that nurture them as lawyers and give them the tools they need to discover their talents and passion. We also sponsor an Associate Book Club and TEDx discussions.


We strive to be a catalyst for strong, sustainable, and healthy communities, and with Greenwell we start in our own workplace by encouraging wellness and elevating awareness about sustainability.

Wyche Connections

It is not uncommon for attorneys and staff to spend their entire careers at Wyche. We believe the lasting and meaningful relationships built at the firm are a significant reason for this. Wyche values really getting to know our clients and colleagues, and taking an interest in supporting their goals and passions. Because of this, we find that we build some of our most enduring friendships through Wyche. Working with those that we consider our friends enhances our love for the profession and ensures that we work together to do what is right for our clients and for each other.