Wyche regularly leads and hosts events to educate our clients about specific areas of law and how they interact with businesses. These seminars and continuing legal education classes allow us to better serve our clients and our community.

Events that we offer can include:

  • Wyche Roundtable Seminars: Wyche discusses various legal topics relating to in-house counsel and business. Seminars are available for CLE credit.
  • Employment Seminars: Wyche hosts seminars to update HR and business professionals about HR legal trends impacting the business landscape.
  • Commercial Real Estate Events: Wyche hosts networking and educational opportunities relevant to the Commercial Real Estate Industry.
  • Environmental Events: Wyche hosts networking and educational opportunities connected to the environment & sustainability.
  • Women of Wyche events: Wyche hosts networking and educational events to promote female leadership.
  • Thought Leadership Events: Wyche hosts events that promote discussion about topics that impact our communities.

If you’d like to receive more information about Wyche events, please email We’ll be in touch to let you know when one of our events may benefit you.