Architectural Works Copyright Infringement Litigation

Wyche has a strong practice in intellectual property, and in the past several years, we have developed deep experience in the protection of copyrights in architectural works. We have handled more than a hundred cases of copyright infringement of architectural works in the past several years in federal courts throughout the country. These cases can involve dozens of different home designs, a number of issues of copyright law, and extensive expert testimony concerning architectural issues and damages calculations. Several of these cases involved claims worth millions of dollars, and they have produced six-figure, seven-figure, and eight-figure settlements for our clients.

Our firm represents some of the largest residential stock home plan designers in the nation and actively assists them in policing their portfolio of copyrighted designs. With the changes to the Copyright Act in 1990, architectural works expressly became protected. At that time, many designers realized the need to actively protect their copyrighted designs. With our help, our client designers have developed strategies for protecting their most valuable assets, their copyrighted works. Having a structured process of identification of infringement, notices and demands, and enforcement actions to stop and prohibit infringement are all critical elements of this strategy, at which we have proven to be very effective for our clients.