Big Case Litigation

Big case litigation is where Wyche truly shines. Although we take pride in handling trial and appellate cases across the spectrum of complexity (from simple cases on which associates take the lead role, to highly complicated disputes with a team of attorneys waging what often turns out to be a battle on multiple fronts over a number of years), it is in the area of complex litigation that we can bring a level of talent and creativity that few if any other law firms can match. In many such cases, the very existence of our client’s business is at stake. In such cases, a client wants to hire only the best. We are honored to receive such trust. While big cases usually and necessarily entail significant expense, we make every effort to avoid the overstaffing and churning that has become far too common in the legal profession.

We have handled a great many cases of this nature over the years. A small sample would include:

  • We represented one of the nation’s leading home designers in a copyright infringement suit against a large national home builder. The litigation involved dozens of different home designs, a number of issues of copyright law, and extensive expert testimony concerning architectural issues and damages calculations. After several years of litigation, the case resulted in a settlement that is believed to be the largest settlement or judgment in an architectural copyright case.
  • Wyche was instrumental in the growth and expansion of a local communications company into one of the major national publicly-traded communications companies. When this client found itself the target of repeated hostile takeover attempts, it turned to us. We formulated and implemented a strategy of converting a leveraged buyout into a recapitalization of the company, which resulted in a substantial payout to the founding families who also remained in control of the company following the successful completion of litigation and the recapitalization. This major legal effort was significant in establishing the firm’s reputation for handling complex corporate transactions and accompanying litigation.
  • Wyche was retained by a statewide professional organization to oppose a private hospital’s proposed takeover of the management of one of the state medical universities. We fought the hospital in both the South Carolina legislature and the South Carolina courts. In addition to forcing legislative changes, this firm took the litigation to the South Carolina Supreme Court and ultimately prevailed in preventing the takeover.
  • We served as counsel for the lead plaintiffs challenging South Carolina’s statewide redistricting plan. During a trial that lasted several weeks, our lawyers successfully tried the reapportionment case before a panel of three federal judges. The judges struck down the then-existing redistricting plan as unconstitutional and drew their own plan incorporating many of the elements sought by our clients.
  • We represented several employees of a state medical university who brought a qui tam action under the federal False Claims Act for alleged Medicare fraud. Over the course of several years, Wyche attorneys worked closely with the United States Attorney’s office in South Carolina in preparing this case for trial. Ultimately, the case resulted in what was, at that time, the largest health care settlement in the history of South Carolina.
  • A local hospital hired the firm to fight against a proposed merger of the three largest hospitals in the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson area. The battle took place on multiple fronts, including litigation, governmental lobbying, and public relations, and our firm helped orchestrate all phases of the campaign. Our litigation strategy resulted in the proposed merger being placed on a general referendum, where it was soundly defeated.