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Legal Leadership and Intellectual Collaboration

Wyche, P.A. is a unique law firm in many ways—from a structure that rewards teamwork & creativity, to an emphasis on family & mentorship, to an unrivaled commitment to the community. Wyche’s unique culture exists because of the leadership Tommy and other senior members provided over decades.

Tommy led our firm’s approach to hiring. Regardless of current needs, the firm always sought to hire promising attorneys marked by intellect, academic accomplishment, and integrity. That practice, continued today, contributes heavily to making Wyche, P.A. a great place to work.

Tommy also took a unique approach to helping client companies. He led a firm where lawyers had good business minds and gave good business advice. This creativity and forward-thinking mindset is one of the reasons Wyche has created strong relationships with clients for decades.

Tommy was a graduate of Yale University and the University of Virginia law school, and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, the Raven Society, and the Virginia Law Review.

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