Experienced attorneys,
Storied history, Unique culture

Collaboration and Collegiality

Wyche has a rare sense of collegiality among our attorneys. We have a unique structure that ensures we are focused on the best result for the client. We are not focused on the billable hour, and our model fosters collaboration. Because of this, we do not operate like most law firms where attorneys work in silos and adopt an "eat-what-you-kill" mentality. Instead, our attorneys are rewarded for teamwork, finding innovative solutions, and service to our clients and the community.

“Our firm’s culture is rooted in a genuine respect for and friendship with one another. To us, Wyche is more than just a job or a steppingstone; it’s a place where attorneys and staff alike come to build a lasting career. Wyche is simply a great place to work—while we obviously value hard work, we also value family, friendships, a thriving community, and a good quality of life.”

Rita Bolt Barker