Entrepreneur Services

Wyche has a rich history of serving as legal counsel to start-ups, many of which are now successful, established businesses. We continue to grow our practice to serve the expanded needs of today’s entrepreneurs, who are building some of the most dynamic and successful companies in the Southeast. We work with clients from initial formation, through the various phases of growth, to maturity and success.

Whether that path leads to an initial public offering, the sale of the business, or continued operation as a profitable, mature company, we have the experience to help. Over the years, we have served a number of clients all the way from start-up to initial public offering.

Entrepreneurs’ legal needs are diverse, and we have developed our practice to match those needs – for instance, we routinely provide advice on:

  • Evaluating and selecting the legal entity type (LLC, corporation, S corporation) based on the company’s long-term goals, the tax implications, and the needs of the investors
  • Employment agreements and incentive compensation plans, such as stock options, restricted stock plans, or phantom stock plans
  • Securing and structuring financing through private placements with angel investors, venture capitalists, or private equity funds, or through loans from traditional lenders
  • Acquiring additional businesses
  • Selling the business or bringing in other investors to provide the entrepreneur liquidity

In addition, we provide advice to our entrepreneurial clients on a wide range of operational matters, such as employment matters, intellectual property matters, and agreements for distribution, marketing, purchasing, selling, and leasing.

To make our services easily accessible, each entrepreneur client has a lawyer from our entrepreneur services team who serves as the primary point of contact. This lawyer’s goal is to understand the client, the business, and the unique challenges facing that entrepreneur. When the entrepreneur needs assistance in specific areas, this contact lawyer is able to bring personal accumulated knowledge and experience to bear and, when appropriate, to call upon the extensive experience and knowledge of the entire firm.

At Wyche, we are working to help your business grow.