Education Policy Consulting

Wyche is prepared to counsel clients through any public policy issues regarding education on a state, regional, or national level. Inez Tenenbaum leads Wyche’s Education Policy Consulting practice, and draws on her experience as South Carolina Superintendent of Education to navigate complex issues.

As superintendent, Inez focused her administration on six key initiatives to fuel education progress in South Carolina:

  • Raising the academic bar and embracing accountability for student academic progress.
  • Improving teacher quality.
  • Providing quality early childhood education for all children.
  • Supporting strong and effective school leadership.
  • Promoting safe and healthy schools.
  • Increasing parent and community involvement.
  • Under Inez’s leadership, the South Carolina General Assembly approved a $750 million school bond for K-12 school construction and renovation, with local districts leveraging the bond amount to raise the total to $1.75 billion.

During Inez’s tenure, South Carolina’s Performance on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) showed top rankings for improvement:

  • Math, Grade 4—number 1 in the nation
  • Math, Grade 8—number 1 in the nation
  • Science, Grade 4—number 1 in the nation
  • Science, Grade 8—number 3 in the nation

At the end of Inez’s tenure in that office, South Carolina was a leader in the nation in education improvement. Standard & Poor’s identified South Carolina as an “outperformer” on NAEP for consistently achieving above the statistical expectations, and the state’s SAT scores increased 34 points over the eight years, the largest such gain in the nation.