Consumer Product Safety and Risk Management

Wyche has a sophisticated Consumer Product Safety and Risk Management practice, which is headed by Inez Tenenbaum, former Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  With thorough knowledge of how the CPSC operates, Wyche can:

  • ​evaluate clients’ products to ensure compliance with applicable consumer product safety requirements to protect a manufacturer’s brand and reduce exposure to civil and/or criminal fines and penalties;
  • assess and advise manufacturers regarding product safety crises, product safety reporting issues, government investigations, corrective action plans, and voluntary and involuntary recalls, including the CPSC’s Fast Track Product Recall Program;
  •  assess and advise manufacturers and retailers on their internal compliance systems, developing integrated internal compliance programs, and data management to avoid civil penalties for failure to timely report to the CPSC;
  • counsel clients on the CPSC’s regulatory process;
  • provide comprehensive training, including prevention programs, and investigations addressing product failures or complaints, and developing methods of avoiding or minimizing potential claims; and
  • and develop educational materials and public education campaigns for children and adults on the safe use of a particular product or products