Intellectual Property

Wyche provides legal advice and business counseling, as well as representation in litigation, for every type of intellectual property issue. In the area of advice and counseling, we help clients develop written policies and procedures to protect their trade secrets, draft and help negotiate license agreements for the licensing of patents, copyrights, and trademarks, and assist clients with the registration and policing of copyrights and trademarks. While we do not handle patent registration, we have a strong network of patent attorneys with whom we regularly work and to whom we can refer clients who wish to pursue a patent registration.

In the litigation arena, we have represented clients in the defense and prosecution of every kind of intellectual property case—trade secrets, patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Our firm represented the prevailing litigants in the two leading South Carolina cases on trade secrets (one in federal court and one in state court), both of which involved multi-week trials and appeals.

We have also in recent years handled several major copyright infringement cases for clients whose copyrighted works had been infringed. We have deep experience in prosecuting cases involving infringement of architectural works. Additionally, the work we do in these cases extends to other protected works under the U.S. Copyright Act. We have advised clients in matters involving copyright infringement of books, music, toys, and computer software.

In addition to representation on discrete intellectual property matters, we provide intellectual property legal advice as part of many of our other practices, including mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneur services, technology, employment, colleges and universities, and commercial transactions.