Alternative Dispute Resolution

In addition to its reputation as a zealous and innovative litigation firm, Wyche has developed substantial experience helping its clients and other firms, companies, and individuals resolve their disputes and lawsuits outside of the formal civil justice system. While nearly all of our litigators have experience representing clients in mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, several Wyche lawyers have been certified as mediators or arbitrators in South Carolina federal, state, and family courts. Our ADR practitioners bring creative resolution to complex disputes outside the confines of the courtroom.

Wyche lawyers serve as arbitrators and special referees, and provide other services that aid in the final resolution and adjudication of disputes and lawsuits. We have found that an appropriate referral to arbitration can be very effective and cost-efficient, and will virtually ensure closure to the matter in dispute. Wyche’s role as a credible, neutral decision maker can help bring much-needed finality to a dispute. We are especially equipped to arbitrate complex cases and have attorneys on the American Arbitrator Association’s prestigious large and complex case panel, a Fellow of the Chartered Insititute of Arbitrators, and a member of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution’s Panel of Distinguished Neutrals.

Mediation, on the other hand, enables the parties to control the resolution of their dispute. Wyche’s mediation services range from helping settle routine lawsuits to facilitating the resolution of complex, multi-party litigation. Our mediators doggedly work to craft creative compromises, helping parties avoid the costs and uncertainties of full-blown litigation. Because many civil and family court cases in South Carolina state and federal courts are subject to mandatory mediation, our ability to provide mediation services is a valuable resource to other firms.

Finally, Wyche helps clients (especially employers) design creative alternative dispute resolution systems, including those that contain voluntary and mandatory pre-dispute arbitration provisions. Wyche counsels its clients in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution, from the creation of pre-dispute resolution procedures, to attempts to compel arbitration, and advocacy within various dispute resolution forums.