White Collar Defense

Allegations of personal or corporate wrongdoing can generate investigations from a wide range of governmental entities. When a person or company is being investigated by a government or regulatory agency,  an experienced legal team is essential to providing the most effective protection possible.

Wyche’s White Collar team is composed of former Assistant United States Attorneys and world-class lawyers. We have experience working with the Department of Justice, United States Attorneys, and state attorneys general. Our lawyers understand how the system works and can use this knowledge to the benefit of our clients. Moreover, Wyche’s attorneys are respected and trusted by the agents and prosecutors conducting the investigations.

A discreet and speedy resolution to an investigation is always the goal. We understand that public information of an investigation or a filing of criminal charges can ruin a person and corporation’s reputation. Our team is uniquely situated to quickly respond and evaluate to these delicate situations. Being able to use a thorough and reliable internal investigation, the team can interact with the agencies and prosecutors to seek a resolution outside of public view.

When a quick resolution is not possible, Wyche brings a formidable team to defend our clients in court. Through a sophisticated motions practice, we will challenge the government’s case and assert rights of our clients. In front of a judge or a jury, we will effectively present our client’s case and attack the government’s evidence.

Trust, candor, and respect is what clients can rely upon when they hire Wyche. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients receive the best possible outcome for each case.

Our attorneys have experience in cases of health care, bank, wire, mail, securities, and tax fraud, as well as money laundering and anti-kickback matters, and charges of environmental, immigration, and gambling violations. We also routinely advise on responses to subpoenas and target letters.