Technology has become a central part of most businesses today, and the legal issues associated with the development and use of technology have correspondingly become critical. As a result of the expansive use of technology, Wyche’s technology practice also touches on many other areas of legal practice, including mergers and acquisitions, employment, securities, and colleges and universities. This involvement is frequently in the form of assistance with diligence matters as well as in drafting key agreement provisions related to the ownership or assignment of critical technology.

In addition to support of other practice areas, our technology attorneys work directly with clients that are either vendors or customers of technology products and services. Typical transactions include software development agreements, web site development and hosting agreements, ASP arrangements, establishment of e-commerce sites, licensing of technology from research universities, and outsourcing.

Examples of recent Wyche engagements include:

  • Represented a large multinational auto parts manufacturer in the outsourcing of its U.S. based information technology infrastructure and support to a multi-national technology services and manufacturing company.
  • Represented a manufacturer in its first direct-to-consumer marketing and retailing operation, which was accomplished via an on-line store web site.
  • Represented a start-up company in negotiating an agreement for the development of the core product offering with a software development house, which addressed issues of intellectual property ownership, development methodology, project planning, testing, and acceptance.
  • Represented a private manufacturer in the licensing of an enterprise resource planning software application and associated installation, training, and consulting.
  • Represented an entrepreneur in the establishment of a new company and the licensing of patented technology from a large research university to serve as the key asset to be leveraged through new product development by the company.