Discovery Counsel and Electronic Discovery Services

Wyche attorneys routinely collaborate with in-house counsel and trial counsel to provide consistent and defensible strategies for managing company information before, during, and after litigation. Our team leverages institutional knowledge to mitigate discovery risk, control and predict costs, enhance data protection, and streamline the litigation process.

Wyche’s discovery team understands the complexities and practicalities of needing to produce electronically stored information (ESI) – in all different mediums and platforms where data is stored and used today – for litigation or an investigation. We work with clients to develop and implement robust processes to increase the quality and efficiency for each step of discovery: identification, collection, review, production, and presentation.

Our attorneys are experienced with various discovery matters, such as: preparing ESI protocols; designing and implementing technology assisted review (TAR); coordinating discovery responses across a portfolio of litigation matters; negotiating search protocols and validation; preparing and defending witnesses in 30(b)(6) depositions about company data management; engaging and cross-examining experts on electronic discovery disputes; analyzing forensic data for case strategy; and serving as mediators in discovery disputes.

Some of the other ways we help clients manage information include:

Information Management and Records Retention Policies – We’ll work with your organization to manage data through its life cycle. We encourage our clients to keep data only so long as is necessary to support its business purpose and then defensibly dispose of information pursuant to robust and current company policies. Our team can also guide you through data migrations and how to comply with data privacy regulations.

Litigation Readiness – We advise clients who embrace taking a proactive approach to prepare for litigation in advance. Implementing a litigation readiness plan can streamline workflow during the discovery process, minimize business disruption, and reduce overall discovery expenses. Wyche’s team can also help you assess which technologies can help you achieve your business goals.

Early Case Assessment – Our team can upload and efficiently analyze data to help clients estimate risk and exposure and gain insights into their case strategy. Early case assessment can also help clients reduce the total volume of data subject to review.

Data Collection and Hosting and Document Review – Using a sophisticated electronic discovery platform, we partner with clients to collect and host their data in a user friendly environment. Our hosting services offer our clients predictability and provide access to analytical tools that help efficiently locate key information.

Litigation Support and Trial Technology – Wyche’s team uses powerful trial technologies to create effective and compelling presentations, audio/visual productions, digital evidence and more.