Plaintiff’s Medical Malpractice Litigation

Wyche has substantial experience representing individuals who have suffered severe bodily injury or death as a result of the medical malpractice of doctors, nurses, hospitals, physical therapists, and other health care professionals. Members of Wyche’s medical malpractice litigation team have obtained favorable and substantial jury verdicts and settlements in cases involving a variety of complex medical malpractice issues, including misdiagnoses, failure to diagnose and treat, improper treatment, and botched surgeries. Plaintiff’s medical malpractice cases are typically taken on a contingent fee basis, and a Wyche attorney will review your case at no charge. Please send all inquiries to John Moylan, the head of our Plaintiff’s medical malpractice team.

Representative medical malpractice cases include:

  • Obtained a multi-million dollar jury verdict in a case involving the failure to diagnose and treat Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The failure to diagnose the disease and to prescribe an inexpensive medication resulted in the loss of most of our client’s fingers and toes.
  • Obtained a multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of an individual suffering severe numbness and pain in the hand and arm after a surgeon performing a routine surgery to remove a cyst wrongfully severed a nerve.
  • Negotiated a favorable settlement for an individual when a surgeon negligently lacerated the bowel during a hernia surgery, which required the client to undergo a second surgery to repair the injury.
  • Obtained a multimillion-dollar settlement on behalf of a client whose acute pain was ignored and not treated by doctors and nurses at a nursing home, despite the client’s repeated complaints. The failure to diagnose and treat ultimately resulted in paralysis.
  • Negotiated a favorable settlement on behalf of a client who suffered worsening kidney disease because of the failure of doctors to properly diagnose the condition.
  • Obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of the estate of an individual who died after health care professionals failed to prescribe the correct medication following a routine surgery.