Age 90 and getting younger

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The April 25 – May 8, 2011 edition of GSA Business includes a feature article about Wyche entitled “Age 90 and getting younger.”

Scott Miller of GSA Business writes, “After 90 years, downtown Greenville’s Wyche law firm has a new name and a new proficiency, as both the firm’s leaders and clients are getting younger.” He goes on to mention that Wyche has expanded its expertise to include technology and entrepreneurship and put in place the youngest executive committee in the firm’s history, including the following five members:

  • Wallace Lightsey, chair, 53, Duke university undergraduate; Harvard Law School; litigation practice
  • Marshall Winn, 58, University of South Carolina Honors College graduate; Harvard Law School; litigation practice
  • Greg English, 43, Murray State University graduate; Harvard Law School; litigation and environmental law practice
  • John Moylan, 51, Presbyterian College undergraduate; Harvard Law School; litigation practice
  • Melinda Davis Lux, 38, Wellesley College undergraduate; Yale Law School; corporate and entrepreneurial practice

Miller also attended the celebration the firm held on Tuesday, April 12, where Mayor Knox White recognized the firm’s senior leaders, Tommy Wyche and Jim “Poss” Parham, and proclaimed April 12 as “Wyche, P.A. Day” in the city moving forward.

Miller spoke with Wallace Lightsey, chair of the Wyche executive committee, about the firm’s strengths and core focus. Lightsey said the firm’s “bread and butter” will continue to be business litigation, representing major clients, such as Michelin NA, Milliken & Co., TD Bank, and Perregrine Energy Corp. Lightsey goes on to say, “we’re trying to become more adaptive to the market and the profession.”

To adapt, Wyche is increasing its use of technology to improve efficiency, and focusing on entrepreneurialism, as Greenville strives to become a hot-bed for high-tech, high-growth startup companies. Some of these startups that Wyche currently works with are Lab21 and SensorTech.

Look for the full article in the April 25 – May 8, 2011 print edition of GSA Business.


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