Legal Eagle: Attorney, pilot, and mom Tally Parham pushes the envelope

The May 2010 edition of G – The Magazine of Greenville, featured an article entitled “Legal Eagle: Attorney, pilot and mom Tally Parham pushes the envelope,” written by Jac Chebatoris.

Chebatoris starts off the article saying “Tally Parham is a study in contrasts: growing up, she took ballet, but also Okinawan karate. She is delicately featured and soft-spoken; however, when she speaks, it may well be about the time she launched an 800-pound missile from her F16 fighter jet while flying in a combat mission over Baghdad.

The articles goes on to talk about how Tally became passionate about flying at an early age, as she was introduced to it by her father, Jim Parham, via his acrobatic plane. The day she read the headlines in 1993 that the Combat Exclusion bill, excluding women from military combat roles, was repealed, she was on the phone to McEntire Air National Guard Base in Eastover, SC, to schedule an interview.

In addition to now being a major in the Air National Guard, Tally is also an attorney at Wyche, with her practiced focused on various types of litigation, including intellectual property, civil and voting rights, and employment.

Tally tells Chebatoris that “Flying F16s was the most thrilling, exciting, fulfilling thing that I’d ever done. It was incredibly challenging – physically and mentally – and what made it so fulfilling was that your success was objectively measured.”


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