Wyche was founded on a vision of attracting the best lawyers to South Carolina. Wyche wasn’t formed to maximize billable hours, or to build the biggest firm. It was formed to give our clients the best possible service, and to work to strengthen our community. Lawyers who choose Wyche have chosen that vision – excellence over revenue maximization, community over narrow self-interest, ingenuity over brute force.

For 99 years, our principles have shaped who we are and our ideals. They have sustained us, they have challenged us, and they have inspired us – to remove obstacles for our clients, to make a difference in our community, and to live up to the vision of bringing the best lawyers to South Carolina.

Solutions and Achievement

We like it when people bring us their thorniest problems. Even more, we like solving those problems. We like closing a deal with a structure that no one else thought of. We like walking out of court with a win that seemed out of reach. We like seeing the win-win solution that eluded everyone else. Most of all, we like it when our clients achieve their dreams, and they tell others that Wyche was a big part of getting there.

We also like doing these things in a community that our lawyers have loved and contributed to for generations. We like doing them with colleagues who are notable for their intellect, humanity, and insight. And we like doing them with and for clients who become parts of our lives, personally and professionally.