City of Greenville Announces Expanded Recycling Program

The City of Greenville has received a $125,000 grant from The Recycling Partnership, a national recycling nonprofit, to assist with the City’s efforts to convert its current recycling collection system to an automated system.  The grant funds will be used to purchase new 96-gallon recycling rolling carts and to educate city residents about the new program.  The City will begin distributing the new recycling carts next April.  Not only will residents be able to increase their recycling volume, but the City will also expand its recycling program to include additional plastic types.

Allison Brockman, the City’s recycling coordinator, says the new system will bring “numerous benefits to the Greenville community, including improved residential recycling rates, less waste entering the landfill and, most importantly, a more convenient method for residents to recycle more at the curbside.”

For more information about the City’s recycling efforts, contact Recycling Coordinator Allison Brockman ([email protected] and 864-467-4345).

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