City of Greenville Passes Low-Impact Development Parking Program

Last month, the City of Greenville, in partnership with Upstate Forever and Furman University, approved a market-based program to incentivize developers to build appropriately-sized parking lots while reducing adverse impacts to waterbodies. Recognizing that stormwater runoff from parking lots can adversely impact water quality but acknowledging the need for flexibility for certain projects, the Fee-in-Lieu of Low Impact Development (LID) Parking Program offers developers three options when constructing parking lots:

(1) install the minimum required number of parking spaces,
(2) use LID features to manage stormwater generated by parking spaces in excess of the minimum required number, or
(3) pay a fee-in-lieu ($750/space) of using LID for parking spaces in excess of the minimum required number.

The program applies to public, institutional, commercial and some multi-family residential properties within the City limits. Funds collected through this program will be used for local water quality improvement projects.

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Rita Bolt Barker

Rita Bolt Barker is an experienced litigator and counselor, focusing primarily on environmental, commercial litigation, and insurance coverage matters.

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