EPA Adds Nine Hazardous Waste Sites to the National Priorities List

On December 11, 2013, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the addition of nine hazardous waste sites to Superfund’s National Priorities List (NPL).  According to EPA, these sites, including two in North Carolina, pose risks to human health and the environment:

(1) Cristex Drum in Oxford, North Carolina;
(2) Hemphill Road TCE in Gastonia, North Carolina;
(3) Beck’s Lake in South Bend, Indiana;
(4) Garden City Ground Water Plume in Garden City, Indiana;
(5) Keystone Corridor Ground Water Contamination in Indianapolis, Indiana;
(6) Former Collins & Aikman Plant in Farmington, New Hampshire;
(7) Jackpile-Paguate Uranium Mine in Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico;
(8) Wilcox Oil Company in Bristow, Oklahoma; and
(9) Makah Reservation Warmhouse Beach Dump in Neah Bay, Washington.

The addition of a site to the NPL triggers assessment of appropriate remedial activities, as well as identification of potentially responsible parties, including owners, operators, waste generators and waste transporters.  Click here for more information on how EPA determines when to add sites to the NPL.

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Rita Bolt Barker is an experienced litigator and counselor, focusing primarily on environmental, commercial litigation, and insurance coverage matters.

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