July 17, 2014


In light of the discovery of PCBs in waste streams throughout SC, including at ReWa, ReWa has announced a permitting program for Food Service Establishments.  Most of the approximately 1,350 Food Service Establishments in ReWa’s service area will be covered under the General Permit.

The General Permit features a unique condition requiring that each Food Service Establishment’s grease interceptor be registered and certified.   The certification process requires each grease interceptor to be adequately secured and have undergone sampling confirming that the interceptor does not contain PCBs.  A grease interceptor is considered secure if it is equipped with physical barriers, such as locking covers or fencing; the barrier will ensure that unauthorized access can be gained only by deliberate actions utilizing uncommon tools and extreme effort; and there are procedures or physical measures in place to make evidence of tampering immediately apparent.

For more information on ReWa’s certification process, check out ReWa’s Procedure for Registration and Frequently Asked Questions.