Modifications Proposed to Standards for Wastewater Facility Construction

In late September DHEC proposed changes to Regulation 61-67, which sets the standards for wastewater facility construction. Among the proposed amendments is a 25% reduction in the unit loading flows used to calculate headworks loading.  According to DHEC, this reduction is “based on the knowledge of water savings fixtures and improved designs of sewer collection systems.”  DHEC further explains that “current loadings are typically overly conservative, resulting in the potential for facilities to be wasting reserve capacity.”  Other proposed changes to Regulation 61-67 would streamline industrial pump and haul operations and allow issuance of a discharge permit concurrently with a construction permit.

DHEC will hold a public hearing on the proposed amendments at its regularly scheduled December 11, 2014 Board meeting.  You can review the proposed changes in the September 26, 2014 edition of South Carolina State Register, which can be accessed here.  The amendments to Regulation 61-67 appear on pp. 102-106.

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