With over 90 years of history, Wyche has developed a reputation for leadership and keen insight. Here are a few words from our clients and friends.

“The lawyers are some of the brightest people I’ve ever worked with – and also some of the most pleasant.

“The Wyche attorneys are a unique collection of highly skilled and very intelligent people, who are also very personable. Their performance has been stellar on the matters they have handled.”
“Each attorney we have worked with at Wyche acted professionally, and worked hard to satisfy our company’s needs.”
“The firm has depth of experience, is very responsive, staffs projects appropriately, and provides excellent value.”
“Wyche is an iconic firm in the state.”

“Rarely can you find such excellent, practical, well-priced and responsive advice.”
“Exclusively staffed by top-notch, well-trained lawyers—they practice law at the highest level.”
“I continue to be very impressed with their performance – both the legal knowledge tempered by business acumen as well as professionalism.”
“It has a reputation for having the brightest people in town from the best law schools – we just like them a lot.”
“They are extremely good business lawyers, who are highly responsive to the client and have brought a lot of experience and knowledge.”
“They are very knowledgeable and did an excellent job of staying ahead strategically and coordinating with all other counsel.”
“We find the Wyche firm to be an oasis of intellect in the market and it has a good history of bringing in fresh faces and people that have great experience and new ideas.”
“The lawyers are not only smart, but are client-focused and very easy to deal with.”

Testimonials provided by clients and Chambers USA through its rigorous research to evaluate rankings. Any result the firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate that similar results can be obtained for other clients.

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