Wyche donates land

The Greenville Journal

The November 26, 2010 edition of The Greenville Journal included an article entitled “Wyche donates land,” written by staff writer, Charles Sowell.

Sowell talks about the 305 acres of land that Wyche attorney and conservationist, Tommy Wyche, along with Naturaland Trust, donated to Jones Gap State Park. The land is on a mountain called Grassy Top and is worth $1.8 million.

Sowell writes “The land will link the park to another tract purchased by The Nature Conservancy to the east. That tract, at 300 acres, will expand the park’s boundaries by more than 600 acres and help build a link along the Blue Wall stretching nearly to U.S. 25.”

The Grassy Topy donation is Naturaland Trust’s match required by the Conservation Bank for the purchase price of Asbury Hills at the foot of Caesar’s Head. That tract is almost 2,000 acres. Grassy Top is one of the highest points in South Carolina, at 3,269 feet and has stunning views of the Piedmont rolling out 2,000 feet below.

Tommy Wyche has been raising money to preserve land along the Blue Wall for decades. The article talks of another ambitious project that Tommy Wyche is working on, to raise $30 million to purchase two large tracts of land that from the Blue Wall in Pickens County. He published a photography book entitled “Conserve a Legacy” to promote land purchases done by th state Conservation Land Bank across the state.


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